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A Soul to Protect

Duskwalker Brides: Book Seven

Release Date: 24th June

All Linh wanted was to feel safe.

After escaping vile bandits, Linh is faced with a conundrum. She can either run through the Demon-filled wilds, or seek safety from a serpent monster.

The longer she forces her presence in the monster’s territory, the more she learns a Duskwalker’s heart can be nurturing. Despite her fears, she longs for the slither of his scales across her skin and the burning desire it awakens in her.

All Nathair wanted was to be left alone.

Dealing with the pressure of his fractured mind, Nathair’s return to life has been unpleasant. He’s in pain, his voice lost, and he finds himself protecting a female who is in more danger from him than she realises.

She’s broken. Though he doesn’t know if he can mend her, he craves her so fervently he will do anything to keep her. But Linh wants to return to her people, and Nathair cannot go with her.

How can Nathair convince her to choose him when he is more monstrous than any other Mavka?

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A Soul To Steal: Duskwalker brides – Book Six

All Gideon wanted was a friend.

After waking up in the afterlife to discover he died, Gideon has nowhere to go. The world around him feels strange, utterly false, and he struggles to let go of the past he was ripped away from.

Gideon never expects his new, monstrous friend to nibble his way into his heart, or give him purpose in death. His wings are soft, his body strong, and his skull face oddly compelling, but what point is there in desiring more when their future is meaningless?

All Aleron wanted was his kindred.

Having been violently separated from his twin, Aleron is left behind in Tenebris. Unlikely events lead him into an adventure with a pretty human, who entrances him more with every step they take. Gideon is funny yet confusing, and he makes desire sink into Aleron like a frustrating set of claws.

Aleron’s heart is big, it’s ready to love, and it’s fond of the male he has in his keeping. But things do not always go as promised, even when Aleron is given the potential to have everything he wants.

Will Aleron be able to keep those important to him close, or will he come to regret the choices he’s made?

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A Soul to Revive: Duskwalker brides – Book Five

All Emerie ever wanted was redemption.

When a monster comes to Zagros Fortress, Emerie is tasked with capturing him. She never would have gone through with it had she known their treatment of him would be inhumane, nor can she stand by and allow it to continue.

Unfortunately, agreeing to help him in his goal may not have been the wisest choice. Along the way, he manages to charm her, and what she once found frightening becomes utterly titillating instead.

All Ingram ever wanted was revenge.

After a traumatic event, Ingram does something foolish. He seeks out aid in his quest for retribution, only to find himself in the clutches of enemies who wear Demon-like uniforms. They’re all cruel – except for her.

She is as beautiful as she is broken, but in a way that soothes his own pain. He’s never desired a female of his own, yet her sensuality fiercely calls to him. He starts wanting more, while lacking the humanity to truly understand what he seeks.

Will Ingram be able to forgive Emerie for what she has done to him, and erase her doubts at the same time?

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A Soul to Guide: Duskwalker Brides – Book Four

After accidentally creating a portal to another realm, Raewyn finds herself trapped in a world she’s struggling to navigate. Desperate to find those with magic who can help her, she sets out on a dangerous journey to another town.

Unfortunately, on her travels, she learns there are bigger and scarier monsters than the Demons she knows of – and one of them won’t let her get away.

All Merikh ever wanted was to escape.

For a hundred and eighty years, Merikh has been hunting for a way off Earth. He doesn’t care who he has to eat, kill, or maim to get what he wants. So, when his prey ends up being a lost Elf, he realises this is his opportunity. 

She’s prettier than any creature he’s ever seen, and so damn perfect that it’s impossible to resist her otherworldly lure.

 But Merikh destroys everything he touches. Will he be able to overcome years of hatred and anger to allow himself to get close to her, or will he lose her in the process?

Read here for trigger warnings

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The ShadowHunter: Witch Bound – Book Two

When her younger sister is stolen in the dark of night, Valerie infiltrates the northern kingdom to rescue her. Parading around as a human and hiding her Witch scent, she doesn’t realise she’s stepped onto a Dragon’s hunting ground – or that the Dragon has settled his lustful sights on her.

She only wanted to save her sister, but she can’t resist the way he sets her heart on fire.

Hiding his Dragon linage, Geryon cares little about the gala thrown to find the king a wife. It’s nothing but a means to an end – a trap. That is until a certain, cold-hearted woman enthrals him as she flits around the palace with her unfeeling grace.

As every day passes, his desire to see her fall into rapture within his arms grows stronger. He even considers keeping her.

But, their game can only last so long before they discover that neither one is who they are pretending to be. What will happen when Geryon realises the human he has been bedding is actually something in which he hates the most?

Read here for trigger warnings

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A Soul to Touch: Duskwalker Brides – Book Three

All Mayumi ever wanted was to hunt Demons.

After being discharged from the Demonslayer guild, Mayumi chose to isolate herself within the forest. The best place to hunt and kill Demons. But, one night, she’s surprised when a different monster is lured by her baits.

Just before she unleashes an arrow that’s aimed to kill, Mayumi pauses. She realises she’s seen that skulled, feline face before and that it had once saved her life.

All Faunus ever wanted was her.

After the Demon King cracked his skull, Faunus returns to watch over the only human he has ever cared for. He knows what his future holds, she would never become his bride, but he wants to spend what remains of his life protecting her.

He never expected that she would ever befriend him, or that she would openly desire him. She’s as fiery as her burning passion, and he’s desperate to let her consume him.

But his time in this world grows short, and Faunus doesn’t know how he can be with Mayumi when he knows nothing will save him.

Read here for trigger warnings

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A Soul to Heal: Duskwalker Brides – Book Two

All Delora ever wanted was to disappear.

Thrown into the Veil for a crime she committed, Delora was discarded by the world. Although afraid of her oncoming demise, she accepts it as it would be a worldly escape from her problems. She didn’t expect that she would wake up from her deadly fall, nor that the person who saved her would be a Duskwalker.

She’s wary about him at first, but Delora begins to realise there’s more to him than just a faceless monster.

All he ever wanted was a name.

After discovering that humans can be kept as companions, he begins planning for the day he finds his own bride. He still lacks humanity and there is much to learn first. One morning when leaving his cave, a human suddenly crashes into him from the sky. Broken and sleeping, he gets to work on healing the woman.

It doesn’t take him long to understand she’s wounded in a way his magic can’t heal.

But will he be able to gain her affections, or will she come to hate him as he stumbles his way through learning about her – and more importantly, himself?

Read here for trigger warnings

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The Witchslayer: Witch Bound – Book One

When Amalia’s cat brought home a strange flying lizard during a terrible storm, she had no idea that it was a Dragon. Or that he would save her from burning at the stake, only to imprison her in his lair when she saw his human face. Now she is stuck in this cave with a moody, hot-tempered, and arrogant warrior – one who has killed her kind by the dozens.

She expected to feel trapped, but he somehow makes her feel unbelievably… safe.

Rurik’s only goal is to kill the Dark Witch, Strolguil the Vast. He never expected to find himself in a White Witch’s home in need of healing, or that she would be completely oblivious about his kind, or her own. He intends to abandon her, a lowly Witch, to her fiery fate, but he can’t ignore his blood-debt after she saves him.

Nor can he ignore the fierce desire that she grows in him when she roams free inside his lair.

However, there are Dark Witches afoot, and Rurik isn’t sure if he can shed years of hatred to trust the enchanting woman he has in his keeping.

Read here for trigger warnings

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A Soul to Keep: Duskwalker Brides – Book One

All Reia ever wanted was freedom.

Known as a harbinger of bad omens and blamed for Demons eating her family, Reia is shunned by her entire village. When the next offering is due and the monstrous Duskwalker is seen heading their way, her village offers her an impossible choice – be thrown into the prison cells or allow herself to be sacrificed to a faceless monster.

However, he is not what he seems. His skull face and glow eyes are ethereal, and she finds herself unwittingly enchanted by him.

All Orpheus ever wanted was a companion.

Each decade, in exchange for a protection ward from the Demons that terrorise the world, Orpheus takes a human offering to the Veil – the place he lives and the home of Demons. The brief companionship does little to ease his loneliness, and their lives were always, unfortunately, cut short.

He’d thought it was a hopeless endeavour, until he met her. She’s not afraid of him, and his insatiable desire deepens
within every moment of her presence.

But will Orpheus be able to convince Reia to stay before she’s lost to him forever?

Read here for trigger warnings

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Sea of Roses: A Pirate Romance Duology – Book One

Captain Alister Paine has always had his good eye set on treasure, murder, and sinking ships. His fame as a ruthless, blood-thirsty pirate has spread across the Seven Seas. The Howling Death, his precious warship, is the deadliest ship on the ocean waters, striking fear into the hearts of all those who see it. So when a deceitful yet sensual woman steals his bloody ship from him, he wants nothing but revenge!


His anger holds no bounds. He wants to punish her, but there is something about Rosetta Silver that has Alister drowning beneath the waves of his carnal desires. Despite her tricky nature, he foolishly ends up wanting her.


However, Rosetta isn’t what she seems, and Alister must decide if his desire for this captivating woman is strong enough to fight against her dark secrets.

Read here for trigger warnings

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Storms of Paine: A Pirate Romance Duology – Book Two

After the storm that separates them, Captains Rosetta Silver and Alister Paine find themselves sailing side-by-side together once more. Their passion refuses to fizzle out and burns brighter, hotter, and, frighteningly, deeper every time. Rosetta manages to convince the land hating Alister to port. They need supplies and the Laughing Siren still needs repairs.

BUT LAND MAY BE DANGEROUS FOR THEM – and not just because of the bounty on his head.

Emotions within Rosetta are stirring and she doesn’t have a compass to navigate these unfamiliar waters. Alister’s behaviour in port isn’t what she was expecting, and well, she isn’t a saint either – far from it.


However, the more she discovers about his complicated past and the true nature of this man, the more it has her wondering if she should give herself over to her feelings… or run.

Read here for trigger warnings



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